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Chemical Equations Assignment Help

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If two or more substances interact (or if one substance decomposes) to form a new substance or substances, we say that a chemical change has occurred. The new substances are called products of the reaction and the former are called reactants. A chemical reaction is a statement of such an event. It is the symbolic representation of a chemical reaction where the reactants are given on the left hand side and the product entities are given on the right hand side. In a balanced equation, coefficients specify the number of molecules (or formula units) of each species involved. The coefficients must satisfy Dalton’s requirements that no atoms can be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.

Chemical Equations are represented on paper by chemical equations. For example

                 2H2 + O2   → 2H2O

The + is read as ‘reacts with’ and the arrow means ‘produces’. The chemical formulas on the left represent the starting substances called the reactants. The substances that are produced by the reaction are shown on the right and are called products.  The numbers in front of the formulas are called coefficients.




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