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What is Human Resource Management  (HRM)?

Human Resources Management is the function which is used to tap into the vast resources in humans such as their knowledge, skills and abilities within an organization in meeting its objectives. Human Resources Management is undertaken for effective utilization of man power or human resources in an organization an in improving its performance.

Today, Human Resources Management is not a function of just one department. But, it is the work of each and every manager in the organization. Only by efficiently managing people or the human resources does the particular department and the organization as a whole can reap benefits.

History of Human Resource Management  (HRM)?

Modern Human Resource Management can be traced back to the experiments conducted by Frederick W. Taylor, who is considered as the Father of Scientific Management who envisaged and pioneered in improving efficiencies in business organization. Later works by Elton Mayo formed the basis for modern human resource management as we know it today.

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